A core drill is a multiple flute drill designed to enlarge existing holes.

Tools by American Tool Service
Four flute, standard helix, multi step core drill with various forms on the step transitions.

Tools by American Tool Service
Six flute, standard helix, single step radius core drill with spotface diameter.

Tools by American Tool Service
Three flute, high helix, end cutting, single diameter core drill with polished flutes.

Configuration, Characteristics, and Applications

Types of Core Drills Available
Step Core Drill  Various helix angles
Multiple Flutes Various lead angles

There are various applications that may require a core drilling operation. Our technical staff is available to assist you in selecting the appropriate core drill for your specific application.

Diameter and Length Availability

Diameter .093 - 6.00 Inches
Length 1.00 - 48.00 Inches

Material Availability

Solid Carbide
High Speed Steel
High Speed Cobalt

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Special Core Drill Special Step Core Drill