End mills are cutters designed to produce precision shapes or slots through carious milling operations. End mills are available in a variety of design configurations as well as various materials.

Configuration, Characteristics, and Applications

Types of End Mills Available
Square End         Various Helix Options
BallNose Irregular Spaced Fluting
Radius End Form
Tapered OD Form
Double End

1-Flute: Single flute end mills are used for the routing of soft plastics, wood, and special milling applications.

2-Flutes: 2-flute end mills allow for maximum chip evacuation and are used for plunge milling, roughing of slots, or peripheral milling.

3-Flutes: 3-flute end mills are more rigid than 2-flute end mills and are ideal for slotting applications as well as general milling applications.

4-8 Flutes: These multi flute end mills provide stronger rigidity which allows for higher metal removal rates with minimal chip deflection. These end mills are generally used for finishing operations.

Diameter and Length Availability

Diameter .093 - 6.00 Inches
Length 1.00 - 48.00 Inches

A general rule is to utilize the shortest overall length, with the largest diameter, and shortest flute length permissible with your particular application. This will allow you to maintain optimal results.

Material Availability

Solid Carbide
High Speed Steel
High Speed Cobalt

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Special Diameter / Corners
Single Step

End Mills by American Tool Service
Two flute, high spiral, single step, circular OD margins, counterbore end mill.

End Mills by American Tool Service
Four flute, 30 degree helix, conventional primary and secondary clearance, ballnose end mill.

End Mills by American Tool Service
Four flute, high helix, corner radius, eccentric OD relief, polished flutes, end mill.