Keyseat cutters are generally used to mill keyseats in shafts with a rectangular cross section.

Tools by American Tool Service
Eleven flute, single angle dovetil cutter, non-end cutting, used for a back chamfer application.

Tools by American Tool Service Eight flute, keyway cutter with reduced neck diameter and radii on both sides for custom key slots.

T-Slot cutters are used for expanding or opening the
bottom of a previously milled slot to form a T-Slot.

Single Angle cutters are used for chamfering or
beveling parts and Double Angle cutters are used for
milling threads, V-grooves, and other angular surfaces.

Dovetail cutters are generally used to create dovetail
slides for machine tool tables, jigs, and other fixtures.

Configuration, Characteristics, and Applications

Types of Cutters Available
Included Angle Various Angle Widths
Single Angle Right Hand Helical Flutes
Double Angle Left Hand Helical Flutes
Straight Tooth Special Profiles
Staggered Tooth Special Forms

There are various applications that may require a key seat, slot, or angle cutter operation. Our technical staff is available to assist you in selecting the appropriate cutter for your application.

Diameter and Length Availability

Diameter .093 - 6.00 Inches
Length 1.00 - 48.00 Inches

Material Availability

Solid Carbide
High Speed Steel
High Speed Cobalt

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Special Key Seat Cutter Special Dovetail Cutter
Special T-Slot Cutter Special Single Angle Cutter
Special Double Angle Cutter