ATS has developed a strong reputation within the Orthopedic industry for providing flute grinding and various point style configurations to help you complete your finished product. We also offer precision Groove Detail grinding for various instruments.

Tools by American Tool Service
Four flute, helical reamer, double angle with a faceted drill point.

Products Serviced: Drills, Reamers, Taps, and Rasps

Flute Configurations Offered:

Right-Hand Spiral/Right-Hand Cut
Right-Hand Spiral/Left-Hand Cut
Left-Hand Spiral/Left-Hand Cut
Left-Hand Spiral/Right-Hand Cut
Left-Hand Cut or Right-Hand Cut
Straight Flute

Drill Point Styles: Two Facet, Four Facet, Split Point, Helical Point, Trocar Point, and Custom Points to your specifications

We understand the time constraints and demands placed on instrument manufacturers and as a result ATS has dedicated CNC equipment to service your needs in a timely manner.